Mine (Civ4)


Associated resources

Aluminum, Coal, Copper, Iron,
Uranium, Gems, Gold, Silver

Pillaging value

~10 Coins (Civ4)

Other effects

A Mine is a tile improvement that can be built by Workers immediately upon the discovery of Mining. A mine adds 2 Hammer (Civ4) to its tile. Mines may be created on all hills, and on flatland tiles that have resources which are unlocked by mines.

When a Mine is worked, and it is not already on a resource tile, there is a small chance every turn that it will discover a new resource. A civ must have the tech unlocking a resource to gain it via a discovery.

Resources that can be gained in this way are any of the resources unlocked by Mines: Aluminum, Coal, Copper, Gems, Gold, Iron, Silver, and Uranium.

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