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The Mine is a standard tile improvement in Civilization VI. It requires Mining and may be built on any featureless Hills tile, Volcanic Soil or on certain resources. If it is built on Luxury or Strategic Resources, then the city will gain use of that resource.


The Mine is, as always, one of the most important improvements for your empire. It is your earliest and most reliable Production Production booster and gives access to most strategic resources in the game.

Its greatest advantage is that it may be built on any Hill tile, right from the start of the game (or more accurately, after you research one of the first techs), and these are very common. Also, a relatively early tech, Apprenticeship, boosts its yield, which is very important in the middle game.

Normally, a Mine cannot be built on a tile with Woods or Rainforest, but an exception is made if any mineable resource (such as Amber Amber) or late-game Strategic Resource (such as Uranium Uranium) is found on such a tile. In this case the Mine will be built and the feature preserved - which will also preserve its Production Production bonus, of course.

Use Mines not only to increase the basic Production Production output of cities, but also to provide adjacency bonuses to your Industrial Zones - each Mine provides a +1 bonus (+½ in Gathering Storm). If you have a city controlling a large expanse of Hills, you may build Mines over all of them, excluding a spot in the center, where you can place an Industrial Zone for a whopping increase in Production Production!

As of Gathering Storm, the evolving opportunities provided by Volcanic Soil (especially when it comes to previously unsuitable flat tiles) are yet another consideration when deciding where to place Mines.

Building a Mine over any resource unlocks the Eureka Eureka for Wheel. Building three Mines triggers the Eureka Eureka for Apprenticeship. Building a Mine over Iron Iron triggers the Eureka Eureka for Iron Working. Building a Mine over Niter Niter triggers the Eureka Eureka for Rifling. Building a Mine over Coal Coal (and an Ironclad) triggers the Eureka Eureka for Steel. Building a Mine over Aluminum Aluminum triggers the Eureka Eureka for Nanotechnology. Building a Mine over Uranium Uranium triggers the Inspiration Inspiration for Venture Politics.

Civilopedia entry[]

The extraction of valuable (or sometimes not so valuable) minerals is as much part of civilization as farming or making war. Even in “pre-historic” times, the Neolithic hunter-gatherers dug flint out of seams, creating mines such as those at Grimes Graves (c. 4000 BC). The Egyptians mined malachite, the Greeks silver, the Romans tin and lead, and every civilization since has found something in the earth they needed or wanted. Most of the work until the Industrial Revolution was done by hand, whether the mining was an open pit or underground tunnel, by slaves or wage-slaves using picks and shovels and hammers. Some of civilization's first great corporations were mining concerns, and prospectors pushed the frontiers ever outward. Today, machines do all the hard work – the prospecting and mining and refining. So efficient are they at stripping out everything valuable and moving on that there are currently upwards of 560 thousand abandoned mines in the United States alone.

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