Village (Civ1)

During exploration, minor tribes that have not yet advanced to be civilizations may be discovered in the world. These are represented by a small hut symbol. If you enter a minor tribe’s village by moving onto the hut, one of a number of things may happen: you may discover valuable metals (coins), the tribe may become a mercenary unit in your army, you may discover a scroll of ancient wisdom that advances your civilization, your magnificence may inspire them to become civilized and found a new city in your empire, or they may prove to be extremely violent barbarians. - Manual


Only ground units of civilizations (the player or AI) are eligible otherwise with air units or barbarians, nothing will come of minor tribes and it simply disappears.

  1. You have discovered valuable metal deposits worth 50Gold1
  2. You have discovered scrolls of ancient wisdom
    1. Only before 1000 AD, after which valuable medal deposits 50 Gold1 is awarded instead.
  3. You have discovered a friendly tribe of skilled mercenaries
    1. These will either be Legion or Cavalry, this is more likely near cities and when the civilization has no cities whatsoever.
  4. You have discovered an advanced tribe
    1. The square needs to be deemed suitable enough for a city by the game's logic. Sites that are lacking in food production for potential city sites do not become cities.
  5. You have unleashed a horde of barbarians!
    1. The size of the horde is determined by the total number of cities by the player.

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