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Thatch-roofed hut icons scattered about the map of the world indicate the presence of minor tribe villages. These populations are too isolated, too unorganized, or too migratory to develop into major civilizations. Minor tribes react to contact with a range of emotions, from delight to hostility. There is no way to predict a village’s response, but most potential responses are favorable. There is one unique situation: Air units cannot encounter minor tribe villages. Instead, their overflight scares the villagers, and the hut icon vanishes as the tribe abandons their territory in terror. - Manual

Possible Outcomes[]

  • Occasionally the tribe is sufficiently advanced, yet awed by your emissary, to immediately form a new city and become part of your civilization.
  • On the other hand, your troops migh thave stumbled upon a village which has discovered an advance unknown to your civilization. Graciously, they share their knowledge.
  • To placate your emissary unit, a village may give your civilization valuable resources (gold) as a gift. The gift is added to your treasury.
  • Your emissary unit stirs up the young bloods with his tales of valor and victory. All the impressionable warriors run off to join your army, creating a new military unit "carrying your colors."
  • Your emissary makes a horrible faux pas, and the minor tribe turns vicious. A number of hostile units come boiling out of the terrain squares that adjoin the village. Duck (or run, if you can)!
  • Your emissary arrives at a spot rumored to contain a village only to find the inhabitants long gone and the dwellings empty. Nothing occurs.
  • Your unit catches up with a particularly peripatetic tribe and impresses them with his or her goods and possessions. The minor tribe is willing to join your civilization, though not necessarily interested in settling in their present location. The villagers become a Settler (or Engineer) unit carrying your shield. - Manual

Certain conditions not mentioned in the manual may also occur:

  • If a Barbarian unit comes across a minor tribe, nothing will occur.
  • If your unit gains a mercenary (free) unit from a minor tribe, it is assigned to your closest city as its home city and uses up a shield from it as upkeep. If the closest city is a rival city, then the mercenary's home city is instead NONE and does not cost any upkeep.
  • Once a civilization is has sufficiently advanced up the technology tree, minor tribes no longer give out civilization advances and instead default to one of the other outcomes.

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