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Game InfoEdit

Unique front-line unit of the American civilization. Replaces the Musketmen.

  • Special abilities:
    • Drill I promotion
    • Ignores Terrain Cost
    • Golden Age from Victories (Earn points toward a Golden Age for each enemy unit killed.)


The Minutemen have some exceptional abilities, which allow them to fight and outmaneuver the enemy in rough terrain. They're at their best when they can use their natural advantages in forests, hills, and other such terrain. Additionally, Minutemen have a promotion to earn points toward Golden Ages with kills! The number of points earned are equal to either the 20xStrength5 Combat Strength or the 20xRangedStrength5 Ranged Combat Strength of the unit (whichever is greater), so it never gets out-of-date.

As their bonuses are promotions, any Minuteman that is upgraded to a Rifleman and further down the chain will retain them.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Seeing service during the American Revolutionary War, the American minutemen were select members of the colonial militia. They were a "rapid response" force, trained to respond quickly to enemy attacks, giving the Regular Army (as well as the rest of the militia) time to react and prepare for battle. Minutemen actually predate the American Revolution: the Massachusetts Bay Colony had certain members of its militia designated as Minutemen as early as 1645.

Trivia Edit

  • Minutemen are called such since they had often boasted about how they could be ready in a minute. This was primarily due to the fact that many Minutemen operated within or near their home towns; allowing them to travel short distances in terrain they are familiar with. They also had light equipment and did not need to commit to conventional combat; many Minutemen would retreat from battle to operate as skirmishers or hide among the civilians of the colonies.
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