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The following units can be upgraded to Mobile SAMs:


The Mobile SAM is the most effective land-based anti-air unit in the game. Use it to intercept enemy planes or pluck those pesky Gunships from the sky.

Civilopedia entry[]

Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) systems have been in development since the end of World War II. And while the versatility of modern SAMs keeps numerous systems in use, the "Stinger" missile remains the most popular and effective low-altitude SAM available, thanks to its ability to be transported by both infantry and mobile units. The Avenger Air Defense System (a Humvee emboldened with eight "Stinger" missiles) and the M6 Linebacker (an armored fighting vehicle with a single "quad-pod" of Stingers), both employed by the United States, successfully fuse high mobility and surface-to-air suppression.

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