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Modern Military advance (Civ2) Mobile Warfare is an Advance in Civilization II. Discovering Mobile Warfare will make existing barracks obsolete. The game will automatically sell existing barracks, and the player can rebuild new Barracks. This also happens after the discovery of gunpowder.

Civilopedia entry[]

The idea of using heavy weapons on the battlefield dates back to the 15th century when heavy cannons were mounted on wheels and towed into battle by horses. This first use of mobile artillery, devastatingly effective in its time, pales in comparison to the tactics used in 20th century armored warfare. Tanks were first used during World War I. A successful assault utilizing 400 tanks in November 1917, resulting in the capture of 8000 enemy troops and 100 guns near Cambrai, paved the way for a significant shift in battlefield tactics. During World War II, armored vehicles were used extensively throughout Europe and Africa by both Allied and Axis powers. The might and mobility of an armored assault was more than a match for countries who lacked proper defenses against such an attack. Armored warfare still plays an important role in battlefield tactics. This was proven in the Persian Gulf war, where the M1 Abrams tank proved to be vital a component of the ground assault force in Kuwait.

Tech Tree[]

Tech Tree Mobile Warfare (Civ2)
Advances in Civilization II [edit]
Era Type Advances
Ancient Ancient Military advance (Civ2)
Ancient Economic advance (Civ2)
Ancient Social advance (Civ2)
Ancient Academic advance (Civ2)
Ancient Applied advance (Civ2)
Renaissance Renaissance Military advance (Civ2)
Renaissance Economic advance (Civ2)
Renaissance Social advance (Civ2)
Renaissance Academic advance (Civ2)
Renaissance Applied advance (Civ2)
Industrial Industrial Revolution Military advance (Civ2)
Industrial Revolution Economic advance (Civ2)
Industrial Revolution Social advance (Civ2)
Industrial Revolution Academic advance (Civ2)
Industrial Revolution Applied advance (Civ2)
Modern Modern Military advance (Civ2)
Modern Economic advance (Civ2)
Modern Social advance (Civ2)
Modern Academic advance (Civ2)
Modern Applied advance (Civ2)
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