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The Modern Era is the sixth era in Civilization VI. It is preceded by the Industrial Era and followed by the Atomic Era.


In the beginning, legends of flying men soared. And today, you are on the brink of transforming those legends into a reality. With flight and new forms of communication you can create a small and intimate world. But at what cost? Our competing ideas of how to govern and how to live threaten to bring conflict on a global scale. You must choose your own path through this rising din of ideological oratory.

Game InfoEdit

The Modern Era brings an entire new domain into the battle strategies: the sky! This, along with the continued improvement of gunpowder-based weapons and the development of Urban Defenses, shifts warfare from city-based to area-based. Every commander now has to be aware of long-range weapons which can hit their armies from afar and not even give them the chance to retaliate.

But much more importantly, the Modern Era brings Ideology, and the Tier 3 forms of Government based on it! And these new forms, besides strong advancement for your civilization, bring with them ideological war - the desire to start battle not for rational things like resources or land, but for lofty ideals and dubious systems of value. Just another convenient cause to use your new weapons. Of course, many new Social Policies also appear to go along with these Ideologies and boost greatly various aspects of your empire.

But there are also many developments which have nothing to do with warfare: the final development of city infrastructure, with more and more Tier 3 buildings requiring the new Power (Civ6) Power resource. More modern, less polluting Power Plants and the first type of Renewable Energy sources will power up this development and launch your empire into the modern times. Mass media will entertain your people while working, and Seaside resorts and National Parks will give them places to rest from work and connect with nature. And also to bring many more Tourists to any civilization aspiring towards a Cultural victory!

Modern Era start Edit


Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Chemistry (Civ6)
Sanitation Complete a Research Agreement. Research Lab, AT Crew
Combustion (Civ6)
Steel, Rifling Extract an Artifact. Tank, Oil Well

+1 Movement for Embarked Units

Electricity (Civ6)
Steam Power Own 3 Privateers. Power Plant, Seaport, Submarine, U-Boat
Flight (Civ6)
Industrialization, Scientific Theory Build an Industrial era or later Wonder. Hangar, Aerodrome, Airstrip, Biplane, Observation Balloon

Bonus Tourism equal to Culture output of each improvement.

Radio (Civ6)
Steam Power, Flight Build a National Park. Broadcast Center, Film Studio, Seaside Resort

Reveals Aluminum resource.

Replaceable Parts (Civ6)
Replaceable Parts
Economics Own 3 Musketman. Digger, Infantry

Upgrades Farm improvements to Mechanized Agriculture.
+1 Food adjacency bonus for every Farm improvement they
are adjacent to.

Steel (Civ6)
Rifling Build 2 Banks Stock Exchange, Big Ben


Civic Prerequisites Inspiration Unlocks
Conservation (Civ6)
Natural History


Have a Neighborhood district with a Breathtaking Appeal. Naturalist, GS-Only Mountie (Canada only)

Resource Management

+3 Envoy6 Envoys

Allows the building of National Parks and the purchase of a Naturalist with Faith.

Allows Builder to plant Woods.

Woods in your territory that have never been removed gain +1 Appeal.

Mass Media (Civ6)
Mass Media
Urbanization Research Radio Broadway, Cristo Redentor


R&F-Only Grants 1 Governor title.

Mobilization (Civ6)
Urbanization Have 3 Corps in your military. Levée en Masse

Allows formation of Defensive Pacts. Allows forming 3 identical units into an Army or Armada.

Unlocks the War of Territorial Expansion Casus Belli.

R&F-Only Grants 1 Governor title.

Capitalism (Civ6)
Mass Media Build 3 Stock Exchanges. Laissez-Faire, Market Economy

Awards 3 Envoys.

Ideology (Civ6)
Mass Media


None Five-Year Plan, Gunboat Diplomacy, Lightning Warfare, Economic Union

R&F-Only Unlocks the Ideological War Casus Belli. Grants the ability to construct an additional Spy.

Nuclear Program (Civ6)
Nuclear Program
Ideology Build a Research Lab. Nobel Prize, Nuclear Espionage

+3 Envoy6 Envoys

Suffrage (Civ6)
Ideology Build 4 Sewers. Arsenal of Democracy, Economic Union, New Deal, Their Finest Hour

Enables the government Democracy.

Totalitarianism (Civ6)
Ideology Build 3 Military Academies. Gunboat Diplomacy, Lightning Warfare, Martial Law, Third Alternative

Enables the government Fascism.

Class Struggle (Civ6)
Class Struggle
Ideology Build 3 Factories. Collectivization, Defense of the Motherland, Five-Year Plan, Patriotic War

Enables the government Communism.

Tile ImprovementsEdit

Airstrip (Civ6) Airstrip
Seaside Resort (Civ6) Seaside Resort
Oil Well (Civ6) Oil Well
Mountain Tunnel (Civ6) Mountain Tunnel GS-Only


Districts and BuildingsEdit


Broadway (Civ6) Broadway
Cristo Redentor (Civ6) Cristo Redentor
Eiffel Tower (Civ6) Eiffel Tower
Golden Gate Bridge (Civ6) Golden Gate Bridge GS-Only

Projects Edit

Convert to Oil Power (Civ6) Convert to Oil Power GS-Only

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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