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Modern Infantry
Modern Infantry (CivRev)

Ground unit

A/D 4/8
Moves 1
Cost 30
Upgrades to N/A
Required technologies

Mass Production

Required resources


Other attributes


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Modern Infantry is a unit of the Modern Era in Civilization Revolution.

Attacking and Defending[]

The Modern Infantry unit is very efficient and truly magnificent in many ways. It's basically an elite group of modern soldiers, each armed with an assault rifle. Their impossible skill and immense power are shown rather strongly through their performance in battle. Quite often the Modern Infantry unit will overrun and will almost definitely defeat the enemy in battle. This unit is also no stranger to defense, as they'll often devastate an attacking enemy in seconds. Their skillful use of modern weaponry and brutal maneuvers really put them at the top of the board when it comes to warfare.

Movement and Turns[]

Although they may be much more advanced in their arsenal than other units, the Modern Infantry can only travel one tile at a time. Even when they have been formed up in an Army, this unit can still only move one tile per turn.


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