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This unit is known as a Paratrooper in vanilla Civ3. The Conquests expansion renamed this unit to Modern Paratrooper, infantrymen specially trained to execute airdrops. When a paratrooper is active in a city with an Airport it may perform an airdrop. Press [A] then click a target square within range to launch the airdrop. Otherwise, paratroops act as normal infantry.

A city must have oil and rubber in its Strategic Resource box to build a paratrooper.

Civilopedia entry[]

Modern paratroopers are highly trained soldiers capable of fighting behind enemy lines for long periods of time. They use a variety of techniques including HALO (high altitude, low opening) jumps, which permit covert insertion of paratroopers -- the transport plane flies too high to be detected, and the paratroopers open their chutes too low for the chutes to be spotted by the enemy. Virtually all military Special Forces training includes parachute training, since it is a key element of modern commando operations.

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