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Molecular Forge
Molecular Forge (CivBE)
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 390 20xProductionBE
Maintenance 1 20xEnergyBE Energy
Requires 8 Harmony (CivBE) Harmony
Specialist slots None
Effect +5 20xFoodBE Food
Notes None


There are certain materials that have to be created molecule-by-molecule in strictly controlled conditions, or whose constituent compounds are complex enough that special molecular crafting techniques are required. These are made in a variety of facilities which are specially isolated from external contaminants and stressors, so that slow-growing crystalline materials can be made with the greatest possible purity as quickly as is expedient. The most sophisticated forges try to isolate the growth chambers from seismic shock, stellar radiation, and even the subtle electromagnetic distortions created by the nervous systems of living creatures. The imperfections found in material created in these high-isolation chambers are usually the result of quantum fluctuations, and thus of high interest to researchers as well as material engineers.

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