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Monarchy is a government form that is available with the discovery of Monarchy, an ancient advance.

Civilopedia entry[]

Monarchy is the form of government that most often replaces a despotism. Under a monarchy, food and resource production can both be dramatically increased by mining and irrigation when your cities have reached a healthy size. Although war may be somewhat more difficult to wage than under despotism and new production may slow, ultimately your cities can achieve much greater strength and overcome the early handicaps this government might impose.

  • Normal resource production.
  • Martial law for 3 units: For every military unit inside city, unhappiness is reduced by 1.
  • Units cost 1 shield of maintenance. Settlers consume 2 food units.
  • Medium Corruption.

Advisers are represented by Egyptians in the ancient age, and English in the modern age.

The leader is known as King.

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