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Monarchy is a government type in Civilization II.

A Monarchy is ruled by a single person, known as a monarch. The monarch's rule is less absolute than that of a despot, and he or she usually has the acceptance of at least the upper-class. The aristocrats under this system of government have some economic freedom, allowing the civilization to be more productive.[1]

Game Effects[]

Monarchy is an excellent form of government for a young civilization.[1]

Unit Support[]

  • Each unit beyond the third unit costs one Shield (Civ2).pngShield per turn.[1]
  • Settlers eat one Food (Civ2).pngFood per turn.[1]


  • Up to three military units in each city institute "martial law".[1]
  • Each of these units makes one unhappy citizen content.[1]

Corruption and Waste[]



The usual title of a ruler under monarchy is "king" (male) or "queen" (female).

An Arab monarch is known as a "sultan" (male) or "sultana" (female). An Egyptian monarch is known as a "great pharaoh". An Indian monarch is known as a "maharaja". A Japanese monarch is known as a "shogun". A Persian monarch is known as a "shah". A Roman monarch is known as an "imperator" (male) or "imperatrix" (female). A Russian monarch is known as a "czar" (male) or "czarina" (female). A Sioux monarch is known as a "great chief".


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