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The Mongol people, also known as the Mongolians, represent Mongolia, a civilization in the Civilization and Call to Power games and C-evo. Their capital might be Karakorum, Samarkand, or Xanadu, and they can be led by Bortei, Genghis Khan, or Kublai Khan.

Mongol hordes (notably under Genghis Khan) ravaged Europe from bases in central Asia. They eventually got beaten back to the eastern extremity of their former territory, a smallish area north of China, which got the name "Mongolia" applied by English explorers and/or mapmakers and has now stuck.

Whereas Sid Meier's Civilization, Civilization II, Civilization III, C-evo, and Freeciv refer to the people of this civilization as Mongols, Civilization IV and subsequent games refer to them as Mongolians instead, which makes sense if there are nations such as Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Tajiks, and Georgians in the game occupying what used to be Mongol territory in the broad sense. Both are gathered on this page for simplicity.


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