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Genghis Khan PC (Civ1)

Genghis Khan in the DOS version.

Genghis Khan (Civ1)

Genghis Khan in the SNES version.

The Mongol people (or Mongolians) represent a civilization in Sid Meier's Civilization. Their leader is Genghis Khan, their capital is Samarkand, and their color is gray (which they share with the Indians).

The Mongols were a powerful civilization in real life, having conquered much of the super continent of Eurasia in the 1200s. In Sid Meier's Civilization, their expansionist outlook makes them the most dangerous of all foes, especially in early to mid-game. On Earth, however, their early expansion is hindered by their starting point in central Asia among plains, desert, and mountains.


  1. Samarkand
  2. Bokhara
  3. Nishapur
  4. Karakorum
  5. Kashgar
  6. Tabriz
  7. Aleppo
  8. Kabul
  9. Ormuz
  10. Basra
  11. Khanbaryk
  12. Khorasan
  13. Shangtu
  14. Kazan
  15. Qyinsay
  16. Kerman

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