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Monument to the Gods is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It increases Civ6Production Production towards Ancient and Classical era Wonders by 15%.

Strategy Edit

Useful wonders such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids, the Colosseum, the Great Lighthouse, the Great Library, and the Terracotta Army become available in the Ancient and Classical Eras. Players whose strategy depends on one or more of these wonders should consider choosing Monument of the Gods to increase their odds of building them, especially when playing against the AI on higher difficulty levels.

Players using Qin Shi Huang may want to select a different pantheon because of his Builders' ability to expedite wonder construction with their build charges, but it's worth noting that the bonus from Monument to the Gods stacks with those from his leader ability, Autocracy, and Corvée. Together, they will allow Qin Shi Huang's Builders to contribute 21% of a wonder's Civ6Production Production cost with each charge instead of the usual 15%.

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