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Morale in C-evo, like happiness in other Civilization games, is one factor in efficient city operation. A city needs one morale point (shown as a heart icon) for every population point to avoid disorder and the consequent lack of production.

Each city centre tile provides four morale points, as partial compensation for never providing any trade points. Additional points can be gained from:

  • Town Guard, costing one material unit of maintenance per turn - 2 points
  • Temple, costing 1 gold per turn (unless the Oracle wonder is operating for that nation) - 2 points
  • Theater, costing 2 gold per turn - 4 points
  • Cathedral, costing 1 gold per turn - 4 points (but 6 with the Bach's Cathedral Wonder)
  • Colosseum, costing 4 gold per turn - a State Improvement available in only one of your cities at any one time, making every citizen content and thereby allowing all the above buildings to be sold (and wasting the morale effect of Wonders
  • Wonders - each Wonder adds two morale points to the city it is in
  • Police (the black-helmeted figures that appear to the right of the worker icons near the top of the screen when members of the population are removed from working tiles) - 2 points each; automatically withdrawn from working tiles when the city would otherwise be in disorder

Unlike other Civ games, C-evo does not vary morale points depending on difficulty level. The cost of constructing buildings is the only relevant factor linked to level of difficulty.

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