CEO Nwabudike Morgan
Nwabudike Morgan (SMAC).jpg
Leader of the Morgans
Name Nwabudike Morgan
Rank Director
Position Morgan Industries
Country of Origin Namibia
DOB 02-24-2005
Height not on file
Weight not on file

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Morgan Industries, often referred to as the Morganites, is a corporatist faction led by CEO Nwabudike Morgan.

Faction Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • +1 Economy (industrial conglomerate)
  • -1 Support (followers have expensive tastes)
  • Commerce (bonus increases value of treaties, pacts, loans)
  • Begins with 100 extra energy credits.
  • Need Hab Complexes for bases to exceed size 4 (creature comforts at a premium).
  • May not use Planned Economics.
  • Aggression Pacifist
  • Priorities Build
  • Starting Tech Industrial Base
  • Agenda Free Market (Economics)
  • Aversion Planned (Economics)

Although Morgan himself is not restricted from using the Green economics choice, an AI-controlled Morgan will take offense at a player's choice of such.

Leader's defining quote[edit | edit source]

"Human behavior is economic behavior. The particulars may vary, but competition for limited resources remains a constant. Need as well as greed have followed us to the stars, and the rewards of wealth still await those wise enough to recognize this deep thrumming of our common pulse."

— Nwabudike Morgan, "The Centauri Monopoly"

Writings[edit | edit source]

  • The Ethics of Greed
  • The Centauri Monopoly

Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Kai, science advisor
  • Jeneba, native-lifeform specialist talent. If the Morganites' first-built native-lifeform unit is killed in a Vendetta, Morgan will build the Jeneba Complex as a monument.

List of Bases[edit | edit source]

Land[edit | edit source]

  1. Morgan Industries
  2. Morgan Metagenics
  3. Morgan Bank
  4. Morgan Trade Center
  5. Morgan Biochemical
  6. Morgan Data Systems
  7. Morgan Hydroponics
  8. Morgan Mines
  9. Morgan Processing
  10. Morgan Solarfex
  11. Morgan Entertainment
  12. Morgan Distribution
  13. Morgan Pharmaceuticals
  14. Morgan Metallurgy
  15. Morgan Transport
  16. Morgan Antimatter
  17. Morgan Energy Monopoly
  18. Morgan Collections
  19. Morgan Construction
  20. Morgan Interstellar
  21. Morgan Aerodynamics
  22. Morgan Robotics
  23. Morgan Studios
  24. Morgan Gravitonics
  25. Morgan Plaza
  26. Morgan Stock Market
  27. Morgan Infrastructure
  28. Morgan Agriculture
  29. Morgan Derivatives

Water[edit | edit source]

  1. Morgan Hydrochemical
  2. Morgan Ocean Resources
  3. Morgan Marine
  4. Morgan Sea Platform
  5. Morgan Dock
  6. Morgan Port
  7. Morgan Fisheries

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The leader of Morgan Industries is voiced by Regi Davis.
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