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Mosaic Hull
Mosaic Hull (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 415 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires Cybernetics
Specialist slots None
Effect +2 Culture Culture
+50 City Hitpoints
Notes None

The Mosaic Hull is an aquatic only improvement that was introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.

Provides +2 Culture Culture and +50 City HP

History[edit source]

The North Sea Alliance’s early experimentation with floating cities was often met with disaster when testing the cities in the tempestuous, post-Mistake oceans. While safe in shallow, calm waters, these early cities were often found susceptible to shock waves caused by underwater tectonic activity and powerful explosions, as well as the resulting tsunamis. Strong hurricanes and typhoons would also compromise the city’s structural integrity. ARKs were never a viable option with such a deficiency, so special attention was developed to reinforce the “hull” of the cities. While the special attention paid to the reinforcement was deemed suitable enough for standard ARKs, island nations such as Polystralia wanted a better solution. This demand eventually led to the development of the Mosaic Hull.

The Mosaic Hull is specifically designed to maximize flexibility in ARKs. Much the same way that earthquake-prone cities developed structurally flexible buildings, the Mosaic Hull is intended to withstand the demanding, mercurial nature of the ocean, without sacrificing the resilience of the walls themselves. Based on a variation of the ancient concept of medieval armor, the Mosaic Hull is a series of fluid, dynamically responsive reinforced metal walls. Millions of nano-sensors and collapsible joints allow the structures to bend with external conditions. It was no surprise that this technology was readily adopted by most ARK-based civilizations.

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