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Game InfoEdit

Terrain feature found anywhere on land tiles.

  • Base yield - none


Mountain tiles are impassable to almost all units except air units. They provide nothing to cities other than the opportunity to build Machu Picchu, Neuschwanstein, and Observatories. Note that a city must be right next to a mountain to build an Observatory, but both wonders can be built in a city within 2 tiles of a mountain.

Mountains are usually great obstacles to movement, and can provide natural defensive barriers. Just be wary of Carthaginian players, who can negate their defensive properties after earning a Great General!

It may be advantageous to settle a city right next to a mountain so that you can build the above-mentioned wonders and building there. However, you shouldn't go out of your way to do so unless you're playing as the Inca - they can put mountains and adjacent hill tiles to really good use!

Civilopedia entryEdit

Mountains are impassable, except to air units, and Carthaginian units (after earning a Great General). They provide nothing to cities.

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