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 "If music be the food of love, play on."
– William Shakespeare


Music is probably the most important cultural technology in the game. Additionally, it can help with happiness in some cities. The first civilization to research Music receives a Great Artist. In Beyond the Sword, this technology also allows the Sistine Chapel world wonder to be built. Also in BtS, once Music has been researched, players can build Culture in their cities. In addition, Music allows Cathedrals to be built. These buildings provide yet another means of boosting culture and can also improve a city's happiness.

Civilopedia entry[]

Music finds a comfortable parallel with that of human language. Much as language has words, sentences, and stories, music has tones, melodies, and songs. The theory of music emphasizes the elements from which music is composed. One such structure is the melody, which is a grouping of musical notes that combine into a basic, but immensely flexible structure. Another is the chord, which is two or more notes played simultaneously to create a harmony. The impact of music throughout history can be clearly seen, as both entertainment and an art.

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