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Game Info[]

Center for music. Provides the means for producing Great Musicians.


In Brave New World, Great Musicians are produced in a new way - not through the generic specialists placed in your cultural buildings (Amphitheater, Opera House, etc.), but solely through the Musicians' Guild. Just like the Writers' and Artists' Guilds, it doesn't require building a prerequisite building in all your cities - once you research Acoustics, you can build a Musicians' Guild. However, consider well in what city you place it, since it will be the only means of producing this particular type of Great Person.

The Musicians' Guild is like a national wonder in that there can only be one in your empire, but it does not have other building prerequisites, and the cost does not increase by the number of cities in the empire.

Civilopedia entry[]

The musicians' guilds that briefly flourished during the Renaissance had their roots in the bands of court musicians under the patronage and protection of the nobility and royalty. During the Renaissance, as music came to cater to the tastes of the growing merchant and middle classes, musicians without patrons joined together guarantee wages and work. Beginning with the rise of the modern orchestra in the 17th century, towns and cities sponsored composers and conductors, allowing for ever more elaborate performances. This move towards "civic music" largely obviated the need for formal musicians' guilds. Not until the boom in popular music in the early 20th century would musicians again formally organize, this time into unions.