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Nanopasture (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 415 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires Nanotechnology
Specialist slots 2 Scientists
Effect None
Notes 30% Food Food carried over after City growth.

History[edit source]

Farms that rely extensively on small-scale machines to maintain the health of their crops are nanopastures. Without access to the invertebrate ecology of Earth, many Earth-bred plants and their descendants often suffer, even with intensive chemical treatment. A nanopasture has hives of synthetic creatures that serve analogous roles as those missing terran creatures, bacteria, and beneficial virii. They pollinate plants, remove dangerous local pests, poison intruders, and manufacture and apply fertilizers directly to the plants. A nanopasture is one of the most efficient and fecund systems for open-air growth on the new world, since it can replicate the effects of a field planted in a thriving ecosystem designed to support it.

The most advanced nanopastures have self-improving colonies of nanites and bugbots in them, which summarize performance feedback in designing drones of subsequent generations. Curiously, some nanopastures report that the designs of these creatures are starting to converge on the appearance of many Earth species. One nanopasture reports that a robot designed to clean out underthatch parasites stridulates its aftmost appendages to make a hard metallic chirp - behavior legendarily attributed to the Old Earth cricket.

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