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**<span style="color:#7f0000;">Combat penalty vs cities (- 33%)</span>
**<span style="color:#7f0000;">Combat penalty vs cities (- 33%)</span>
*Special traits:
*Special traits:
**<span style="color:#007f00;">Doesn't require [[Horses (Civ5)|Horses]]</span>
**Bonus vs Mounted (50%)
**<span style="color:#007f00;">Combat bonus vs Mounted (50%)</span>
**Extra strength
**<span style="color:#007f00;">Extra strength</span>
**Slower movement -1
**Slower movement -1
**Doesn't require [[Horses (Civ5)|Horses]]

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==Game info:== The Siamese unique mounted unit. Replaces the Knight.

  • Common traits:
    • Can move after attacking
    • No defensive terrain bonuses
    • Combat penalty vs cities (- 33%)
  • Special traits:
    • Doesn't require Horses
    • Combat bonus vs Mounted (50%)
    • Extra strength
    • Slower movement -1


Another elephant unit, this one is an early version of the Lancer, enjoying an additional bonus vs other mounted units. Also like other elephant units, it moves slower, and requires no Horses.

The Naresuan's elephant trades mobility for additional strength and the ability to decimate enemy cavalry, making it very dangerous on the field. The only units of the Medieval Era somewhat effective against them are Pikemen combined with ranged attacks, so be wary of such combinations when you field your elephants!


In Southeast Asia elephants continued to be employed in warfare far into the Middle Ages. In Siam, particularly, war elephants were highly prized, and leaders often fought from atop them. In 1593 a war between Burma and Siam ended in a Siamese victory when Siamese King Naresuan killed Burmese crown prince Minchit Sra in single combat atop elephants.

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