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The National History Museum is a Tier 3 government building in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It is built in the Government Plaza district and requires a Tier 3 government (Communism, Democracy, or Fascism) and a Tier 2 government building (Foreign Ministry, Grand Master's Chapel, Intelligence Agency, or Queen's Bibliotheque).

Strategy Edit

The National History Museum is quite useful if you're trying to win a Cultural Victory. Any Great Writers, Great Artists, or Great Musicians you have on hand late in the game can fill its slots with their Great Works, providing you with extra Civ6Culture Culture and Tourism6 Tourism. This is a must-build for Sweden under Kristina, as this building is now theme-able once it is filled.

Civilopedia entry Edit

As a nation begins to develop its identity, it looks for ways to celebrate that identity and preserve historical elements that contribute to this, and thus the National History Museum is born. Its purpose is to tell the story of the nation and its people through collection and preservation of significant artifacts and records, and then interpret and display them to citizens and visitors alike.

The National History Museum, in its best form, celebrates the historic and cultural accomplishments of the nation and all its constituent groups. In the modern age, as recognition of minority ethnic and cultural groups has become more important, the stories of these groups are being told more frequently, and in better detail. While this has had the result of challenging comfortable national myths, the dedication to truth and the rediscovery of forgotten contributors gives a more accurate picture of the nation's past, and, we hope, the clarity of vision for how to proceed to a better future.

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