Native American cities are cities that can be founded by the Native American civilization in Civilization IV and its expansions. The first city founded is the capital, and the names of future cities are chosen in the order they appear on the list below.

The names listed are default names; players can change their cities' names if they choose.

Founding Order City Name Notes
1 Cahokia Largest city in NA pre-1800 (40k inhabitants in 1250 AD), in IL across river from St. Louis
2 Poverty Point Oldest city in North America (~1000 BC), near Monroe, LA
3 Mound City Name of 2nd largest Mississippi site (aka St. Louis) and Hopewell site in OH
4 Chaco Canyon Very large and dense collection of Pueblos, near Four Corners in NM
5 Mesa Verde Area of numerous Pueblo dwellings including largest cliff dwelling in NA, CO
6 Snaketown Major Hohokam site near Phoenix, AZ, with mounds, pithouses, ball courts, etc.
7 Spiro Western-most and key outpost of the Mississippi mound culture, in east OK
8 Moundville 3rd largest Mississippi and largest Adena centre, near Tuscaloosa, AL and in WV
9 Nacogdoches Originally large Caddoan city in Texas, oldest town in the state
10 Nanih Waiya Ancient mother city of the Choctaw, mound site dating back <300 AD, east MS
11 Anhaica Large city and capital of the Apalachee near Tallahassee, FL
12 Etowah Large Mississippi culture site near Atlanta, GA
13 Ocmulgee Name of large pre-Mississippi centre in GA and Creek capital in OK
14 Kituhwa Ancient mother city of the Cherokee, mound city in the extreme west of NC
15 Fort Ancient Major Hopewell mound site in SE OH, largest prehistoric enclosure in NA
16 Onondaga "Capital" and founding site of the Iroquois confederacy near Syracuse, NY
17 Bawating Primary settlement for Ojibwa, what is now Sault Ste. Marie, MI/CA-ON
18 Acoma Major Pueblo site on top of mesa, NM, oldest continuously inhabited community in US
19 Nambé Important Pueblo religious and cultural centre since ~1300 near Santa Fe, NM
20 Hovenweep Major site of Pueblos on UT/CO border near Four Corners
21 Casa Grande Large Hohokam site near Phoenix, AZ, site with 4-story building
22 Criel 2nd largest Adena culture centre, near Charleston, WV
23 Joara Large, eastern-most Mississippi culture settlement, in NC
24 Lake Jackson Largest Apalachee mound builder site near Tallahassee, FL
25 Chota 18th c. Cherokee capital in eastern TN
26 Oneida Major town of the Iroquois Oneida tribe, near Syracuse, NY
27 Logstown Very significant Shawnee settlement near Pittsburgh, PA
28 Five Finger Ridge Largest Fremont culture site, UT
29 Frijoles Canyon Major Pueblo site in north NM, near Santa Fe
30 Puye Cliff Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico, about 740 room, 1500 people (1100-1600 AD)
31 Kiet Siel Pueblo village in AZ, near Four Corners
32 Montezuma Castle Major Sinagua Pueblo site near Phoenix, AZ, alleged ancestral home of the Hopi
33 Wickliffe Mississippi culture site in KY, near Ohio and Mississippi Rivers confluence
34 Aztalan Northern-most Mississippi culture site near Madison, WI
35 Angel Mounds Mississippi culture settlement on the Ohio river near Evansville, IN
36 Tsirege Pueblo near White Rock, NM, about 800 rooms (1300-1600 AD)
37 Taos Pueblo in NM, continuously inhabited, built 1000-1450 AD
38 Zuni Large Pueblo in NM, near Four Corners
39 Tishomingo Capital of the Chickasaw Nation in south OK
40 Shaugawaumikong 2nd major settlement for Ojibwa, in extreme north-east WI
41 Allumette Island on which the Kichesipirini Algonquins had their main town, CA-QC
42 Wendake Village of the remains of the Huron peoples, part of Quebec City, CA-QC
43 Norridgewock Principal Abenaki settlement near Portland, ME
44 Mutsun Village of largest Ohlone tribe of same name, near San Francisco, CA
45 Ozette Village of the Makah in WA, occupied for centuries until buried by mudslide
46 Estipah-skikikini-kots (Head-Smashed-In) Millennia-old buffalo jump & winter campsite in south CA-AB
47 Hueco Tanks Mogollon/Apache site, important for many Native Americans due to pictographs, at El Paso, TX
48 Ukpiagvik Present day Barrow, AS; Inupiaq/Birnirk settlement since ~500 AD
49 Ketchikan Modern Tlingit town and largest collection of totem poles in the world, AS
50 Kuujjuaq Capital of Nunavik, homeland of the Inuit of northern Quebec, CA-QC
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