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Native village (CivRev)

A Warrior preparing to visit a native village

Native villages are like Barbarian villages in many ways, but there are some key differences. The biggest is that they are peaceful so you can just walk over them. When this happens, the most likely thing the village will award you is 25 Gold. They may also give you a Caravan or Spy, but never Horsemen or Galleys, being peaceful. This award is based on witch era of the civ.

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X axis era

Y axis award

Like Barbarians, native villages may show you other Barbarian villages or artifacts. Artifacts are shown when they are near the village in question; the revealing of Barbarian villages follows a similar behavior, but nearby artifacts are prioritized. Native villages are also similar to Barbarian villages because their visual appearance depends on the latitude at which they spawn, and they generate a random resource on their tile once a player activates them.


  • One of the songs that plays when you hover your cursor over a native village is "Baba Yetu," which plays on the main menu of Civilization IV.
  • Native villages also have a chance of rewarding the player with "Maps of the surrounding area," which reveal some of the surrounding tiles.


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