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Natural wonders are unique terrain features, masterpieces of mother Nature, which possess exceptional qualities that make them very different from the average terrain. They inspire awe in any civilization that finds them and provide various benefits to whoever controls them (that is, includes them in his Empire's territory and works their tiles). These benefits take the form of various production capabilities, including 20xCulture5 Culture, 20xScience5 Science and 20xfaith5 Faith, which aren't normally available on land tiles. Most of their bonuses apply only if they are worked by a city, and they only apply to that particular city; some bonuses, however, apply empire-wide, or to any Unit that comes close to them (even if it doesn't belong to the civilization that controls the Wonder).

Natural Wonders provide a permanent boost to your empire-wide Happiness when discovered. Some of them also provide an additional boost when inside a territory. 

Natural Wonders are impassable, and cannot be improved in any way. They are created and placed automatically at the beginning of the game. There are a limited number of natural wonders to discover on each map, determined by the map's size.

Whilst playing on a huge Earth-type map, Natural wonders are placed approximately in their real-world locations, making them much easier to find. (For example, The Great Barrier Reef is always off the North-East coast of Australia if it spawns.)

The Spanish civilization has a unique ability that greatly increases the benefits of discovering and working Natural Wonders.

Name Yield
Barringer Crater (Civ5) Barringer Crater
  • 2 20xGold5 3 20xScience5
Grand Mesa (Civ5) Grand Mesa
  • 2 20xProduction5 3 20xGold5
Great Barrier Reef (Civ5) Great Barrier Reef
  • 2 20xFood5 1 20xProduction5 1 20xGold5 2 20xScience5
  • Comes in a pair of two tiles.
Krakatoa (Civ5) Krakatoa
  • 5 20xScience5
Mt. Fuji (Civ5) Mt. Fuji
  • 1 20xGold5 5 20xCulture5
  • GodsKings5 clear 2 20xGold5 3 20xCulture5 3 20xfaith5
Old Faithful (Civ5) Old Faithful
  • 2 20xScience5 3 20xHappiness5
Rock of Gibraltar (Civ5) Rock of Gibraltar
  • 2 20xFood5 5 20xGold5
Cerro de Potosi (Civ5) Cerro de Potosi (DLC)
  • 10 20xGold5
El Dorado (Civ5) El Dorado (DLC)
  • 500 20xGold5 to the first civilization to discover it
  • 5 20xCulture5
Fountain of Youth (Civ5) Fountain of Youth (DLC)
  • 10 20xHappiness5
  • Adjacent military land units heal at double rate for the rest of the game
Mt. Kailash (Civ5) Mt. Kailash GodsKings5 clear
  • 6 20xfaith5 2 20xHappiness5
Mt. Sinai (Civ5) Mt. Sinai GodsKings5 clear
  • 8 20xfaith5
Sri Pada (Civ5) Sri Pada GodsKings5 clear
  • 2 20xFood5 4 20xfaith5 2 20xHappiness5
Uluru (Civ5) Uluru GodsKings5 clear
  • 2 20xFood5 6 20xfaith5
King Solomon's Mines (Civ5) King Solomon's Mines BNW-only
  • 6 20xProduction5
Lake Victoria (Civ5) Lake Victoria BNW-only
  • 6 20xFood5
Mt. Kilimanjaro (Civ5) Mt. Kilimanjaro BNW-only
  • 3 20xFood5 2 20xCulture5
  • Adjacent military land units move at double speed through Hills and receive a combat bonus on Hills for the rest of the game

GodsKings5 clear Valid only in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.

BNW-only Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.

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