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Game Info[]

National wonder in the Conquest of the New World scenario of Civilization V.

  • +3 Science Science.
  • Removes scurvy from all naval units built by the empire.


Build the Navigation School national wonder to ensure that all future naval units will not suffer from the Scurvy promotion.

Unlike most of the other national wonders, the Navigation School does not require any buildings to be built in all of a player's cities first. However, it can only be constructed in a city that already has built a University.

Civilopedia entry[]

Cartographers, shipbuilders, and educated captains just don’t come out of nowhere-many of these scholars and labor men were trained in institutes like Navigation Schools. Experienced captains and learned scholars would share their accumulated nautical knowledge at the school, which would then impart this wisdom upon the less experienced. Weather patterns of new routes were charted, cartographers were instructed in the use of the latest and greatest of instruments, and new kinds of ships were designed and constructed.

It is commonly believed that Henry the Navigator of Portugal started the first Navigation School at his villa at Sagres. While he did keep a large group of cartographers to chart the coastlines of parts of Africa, no defining evidence has yet been found of a centralized school for navigators and scholars.