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 "Justice is the bond of men in states, for the administration of justice, which is the determination of what is just, is the principle of order in political society."
– Aristotle 

Near Future Governance is an Information Era civic in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It can be hurried by adopting a government with 10 inherent policy slots.


Discovering Near Future Governance awards a new Governor Governor Title and 3 Envoy Envoys, important to win over city-states. It helps progress towards a Diplomatic Victory in the late game. It can also, under the right circumstances, aid players who are aiming for a Cultural or Science Victory instead (e.g. if they've slotted Collective Activism or International Space Agency and become the Suzerain of many city-states).

Far more important, however, are the powerful Future Era civics it unlocks, most of which are directly relevant to at least one victory type (or assist in holding one off). These are always randomized, however.

Civilopedia entry[]

In many ways, humanity is still wrestling with the question raised by Plato in the Republic: What kind of state is best? Changes in values and morality over millennium have resulted in considerable shift in the belief about the origination of political authority, who may participate in matters of state, how people might participate, and so forth. There is ample reason to believe that there will be new experiments in the practical matters of governance, informed by new political and cultural beliefs. The Near Future Governance civic represents a hypothetical next step in how people organize themselves into governments, as political philosophers find new ways to codify commonly-held beliefs into systems that allow people to participate within the civic life.

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