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Neurolab (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 255 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires 4 Supremacy Supremacy
Firaxite Firaxite near the city
Specialist slots None
Effect +1 Science from Firaxite Firaxite
+10% Science Science
Notes None
See also: Mantle (CivBE)
See also: Hypercore (CivBE)


The neuro-laboratories offer networked brain-interfaces to scientists in all disciplines, freeing them from most of the more tedious and time-consuming chores of academic research. The networks – generally centered on a quantum supercomputer, outfitted with the latest communications equipment, able to access the planet’s data networks – rely on direct brain-computer interfaces of various types to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative theorizing. The internal artificial deep feedforward neural networks of these facilities have subroutines capable of pattern recognition, computational learning, and non-parametric statistics; thus the neurolabs can filter previous research, determine time series predictions, autonomously analyze potential practical applications, and even suggest new paths and applications for research projects. In some neurolabs, the brain-computer interface is established by non-invasive means, usually magnetoencephalography or functional magnetic resonance. However, these do not operate as efficiently as invasive interfaces such as cortical or neurochip implants; these devices can often be implanted on the neurolab’s premises by robotic surgeons. Most of the neurolabs have been created by institutions of higher education or research foundations, although some are the result of corporate or colonial investment. Each new lab represents a geometric increase in research on this planet, and many of the latest scientific advances can be attributed to work begun and/or completed in neurolabs.