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The New Earth is a playable faction in Final Frontier, a scenario in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

Civilopedia entry[]

With much fanfare and high hopes, New Earth was established in 2239 AD as the first human Colony beyond their solar system of origin. As the first human settlement outside of Sol system, it received a large percentage of the early technological and economic support of the Earth for the Colonization movement. Because of this it began the post-Earth era with a more advanced industrial base than the other Colonies. The radar polymers it starts with allows immediate construction of scout ships, giving it a major early advantage in space exploration. Because it's been around longer, New Earth's population is higher than that of the other Colonies.

New Earth had a tight-knit relationship with the home planet prior to communications being lost. The inhabitants of the Colony consider it an extension of the Earth and pride themselves on keeping the Colony culturally in step with the mother world. As the oldest Colony, New Earth was granted a number of privileges the others did not receive, including greater autonomy and more advantageous trade agreements. However, despite its near-slavish loyalty New Earth was still viewed with distrust by the PDE ruling elite and was (officially) allowed to possess no starships of its own. In many ways, New Earth found itself even more helpless than the other Colonies when contact with Earth was lost. It must now shake the dependency of the past and learn to survive on its own.