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New Terran Myth (CivBE).pngNew Terran Myth
New Terran Myth wonder (CivBE).png
Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 750 Production
Maintenance None
Requires Human Idealism
Specialist slots None
Effect +5 Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital
+2 Culture Culture from Int'l and Station Trade Routes
Notes None

The New Terran Myth adds culture to international and Station trade routes as well as internal trade routes going to or from the city it is built in. This wonder can be used to great effect by Hutama by establishing one trade route between each of his cities and the city it is built in..


"'Rise up, O people,' said the Lord of Cosmos. 'I shall lead you to many gardens.' And the people took their place among the stars with great rejoicing." - The Exodus Sutra I:2


Our knowledge of Old Earth is unfortunately fragmented, but a generally sensible historical narrative has been agreed upon for some time: Civilization upheaval occurred because of the Great Mistake, and the resulting world order created colony ships to find a new home for humanity through the galaxy. But within narrative there are great gaps in history, and vaster voids in the meaning of these events. If a universal historical narrative exists, cannot there also exist a mythos which explains what our past means?

Begin with the new Fall, the Great Mistake. Cast it in terms of the castigation of entire schools of philosophy, the worship of old gods long dead, the necessary sin-darkness against which the light of redemption may shine more fully. Find the great golden threads that unite religions: Laws of kindness and reciprocity, prohibitions on disfiguring the soul, praise of the Greater. Use these to describe the purifying power of the Seeding, and of the Planetfall. Let the people left behind on Terra become the Samsara-bound, awaiting uplift at the hands of the Chosen.

Observe the power with which the people embrace the New Terran Myth! Let the scientist explain it in terms of memetic ultrapenetration vectors. Let the tyrants sneer at it as the opioid of cultures. They cannot deny its force. They cannot deny that billions of minds receive it and embrace it. They cannot deny that hope has been given to a people, and now they understand what they must do in this galaxy.

Was the New Terran Myth created? Or was it indeed an act of divine revelation? What cannot be disputed is that Humanity has heard the Word, and Humanity believes once again. Selah.

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RT only.png Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.