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Niter (Civ6) Niter is a Medieval Era Strategic Resource in Civilization VI. It is revealed with Military Engineering.

Niter (Civ6) Niter is found on a variety of terrains, always on flatland.

Strategy Edit

Niter (Civ6) Niter is a mid-game resource that is often found in rather cumbersome locations (such as Tundra regions), but it is essential for furthering military progress in the game. It is a requirement for producing the major siege and melee units of its era, and since its influence can reach even into the Modern Era, it can be considered highly valuable for warfare.

Niter (Civ6) Niter, being such a useful ingredient in gunpowder production and fertilizers, additionally offers the same bonuses to Civ6Production Production and Civ6Food Food that Horses (Civ6) Horses do, so it is generally recommended to take advantage of its appearance.

This resource has become even more valuable in Gathering Storm, with a number of previously resource independent unique units such as the Redcoat now requiring Niter (Civ6) Niter.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Better known as saltpeter, niter is the mineral form of potassium nitrate. Although known for millennia, it didn’t become important until the Chinese figured out it could be combined with sulfur to make gunpowder in the mid-1st century AD. And gunpowder is really good for making fireworks and blowing things up. Niter is also useful as a fertilizer and food preservative, but few people remember that.

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