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Node (CivBE)

Tile improvement in Beyond Earth

Maintenance None
Required technology Autonomous Systems
Yields +2 20xEnergyBE
Notes Tile Improvement buildable by Worker units on any terrain. Provides:
  • +20 HP heal for adjacent units every turn
Nodes are a late-game improvement used to strengthen the AI and computational power favored by the ideal of Supremacy. On the surface, Nodes appear to be technologically descended from computer servers, ignoring the fact that Nodes are larger than most buildings. Where Nodes differ from servers, however, is their functional capability. A Node’s massive size accounts for its computational strength, allowing it to run a galaxy’s worth of simultaneous AI functions used to simulate scientific experimentation, military encounters, and even alternate realities.

Game InfoEdit

An advanced improvement that yields 20xEnergyBE Energy and bolsters healing of nearby units.

Technology Upgrade:


Nodes are an alternative to Generators that can bolster units in a defensive war.

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