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The Norman Knight is a unique unit from the 1066: Year of Viking Destiny scenario of Civilization V.

Game Info[]

Unique mounted unit of the Normans. Replaces the Knight. Requires Horses Horses.

  • Special traits:
    • Blitz promotion


Norman Knights trade the mobility of the standard Knight for the ability to make more than one attack each turn, attack cities at no penalty, and gain defensive bonuses from terrain. As long as they don't try to fight Pikemen and Huscarls unaided, they're difficult for enemies to repel and absolutely devastating in groups. Use them to lead the charge against the English and smash through the gates of their cities!

Civilopedia entry[]

The Knights of the Norman army who served during the conquest of England in the 11th century were equipped with knee-length shirts of chain-mail, known as "Hauberks," and typically wore a conical helmet designed (in theory) to deflect incoming arrows. Norman Knights were perhaps most famously known for carrying "Kite" shields, elongated shields designed to protect the mounted knight's leg while engaged in melee combat.


The Norman Knight uses the same portrait and model as the regular Knight, which does not wear the conical helmet described above.