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The Norwegian Ski Infantry is a unit in the 3 May 2011 DLC called "Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark – The Vikings."

Game InfoEdit

Unique unit of the Danish civilization. Replaces the Rifleman.


The Norwegian Ski Infantry, as their name suggests, are masters when fighting in snow, tundra, or hills. They not only receive a combat bonus there, but also move at double speed, which makes the Danes the absolute masters of the far north and south! The combat bonus even stacks up to a 50% combat bonus in tundra hills or snow hills. Use the combat bonus in hills to negate the attempts of enemy ranged units to occupy vantage points, and occupy them yourself!

Civilopedia entryEdit

These intrepid infantrymen were employed heavily by Denmark against Sweden during the Napoleonic Wars of 1807-1814. Comparable in speed to light cavalry, these soldiers were capable of traversing the mountainsides and snow-covered fields much faster than anyone else on foot or horseback. Besides being able to cross forested and rocky terrain efficiently, the ski infantry were also used to pull wagons of supplies or even other squads of soldiers, as the lack of roads and deep snow made traditional horse travel difficult. Their first recorded usage dates back to roughly the 13th century.

Today, the ski infantry are still used by the Danish Navy to patrol large stretches of northern and eastern Greenland, areas of which are too rugged for most other forms of transportation. In Norway, every soldier in the army is still trained in the art of ski combat, and the Biathlon sporting event was inspired and developed from their military training and patrol routes.

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Steam achievement Where's the Biathlon? (Civ5)
Where's the Biathlon?
Enter a snow tile with the Norwegian ski infantry.
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