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The Nubian Pyramid is a unique tile improvement of the Nubian civilization in Civilization VI. It must be built on Desert, Desert (Hills) or Floodplains (in Gathering Storm, Desert Floodplains only) tiles.


Nubian Pyramids encourage the Nubians to settle in or near deserts and build close-packed cities with many District (Civ6) Districts. Their placement requirements are very specific, but with careful planning, their various adjacency bonuses can create rich and productive cities. They become even more useful under Amanitore, whose cities with Nubian Pyramids adjacent to their City Centers gain an additional 20% Civ6Production Production bonus toward districts. Whenever you settle a city, make sure there is at least one available Desert, Desert (Hills) or Desert Floodplains tile next to the City Center.

Civilopedia entryEdit

During their on-again/off-again periods of mutual conflict, Nubia found its culture influenced by the powerful Egyptian dynasties further down the Nile. Nubian burial customs would eventually come to resemble those of Egypt. Nubia’s Kingdom of Kush began burying its kings and queens in pyramids sometime in the First Millennium BCE.

Nubia took a vastly different approach to its pyramids than Egypt. Rather than build immense tomb complexes that bankrupted their state, they opted for a more practical method: smaller pyramids with no more than a 26 ft (8 m) wide base, steep sides that rose at a sharp angle in the air, and an ornate entry chamber that extended from the pyramid tomb. Though treasure hunters plundered most of these pyramids since Nubia's fall, the pyramids remain a powerful testament to Nubia's legacy.


Related achievementsEdit

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Pyramid Scheme
As Nubia, earn six different adjacency bonuses on a Nubian Pyramid
A wordplay on an actual marketing strategy with the same name where people are being recruited based on promises rather than investments.
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