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The Nuclear Plant increases factory output by 100%. It does not create any pollution. A Factory is required to build a Nuclear Plant.

A city must haves source of fresh water (a river or lake water) within its radius to build a Nuclear Plant. It replaces any other power plant in the city.


A nuclear power plant has a 50% risk of meltdown whenever the city has been in disorder for at least 1 turn. Otherwise there is no risk of nuclear accident, the power plant won't risk meltdown if it just entered into disorder but can do so if it remained in disorder for at least 1 turn. A meltdown will half the city size and spew also Pollution randomly on to nearby tiles in the city radius, but otherwise will leave tile improvements and city improvements undamaged.

Civilopedia entry[]

Nuclear power plants utilize radioactive materials and the process of nuclear fission to generate the heat and steam needed to run electrical generators and produce electricity. Because nuclear power doesn't cause the air pollution associated with the burning of coal or petroleum products, this means of generating power is considered a viable alternative energy source. However, the toxic nature of the byproducts produced by the fission process creates serious problems of its own. No method of safely disposing of this toxic waste has been found, and the volatile nature of the fission reaction can lead to a meltdown of the reactor core if the reaction is not properly controlled. Because of these problems, the future of nuclear power is uncertain.

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