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Game InfoEdit

Terrain feature found on desert tiles.

  • Base yield: 3 20xFood5 Food, 1 20xGold5 Gold
  • +2 20xGold5 Gold with Bazaar (Arabia only)
  • +1 20xfaith5 Faith with Desert Folklore Religious belief

Counts as land for moving purposes, but nothing can be constructed on it. Provides all surrounding land tiles with fresh water.


An oasis is great news for a civilization which needs to establish a city in the desert. Although it can't be improved, its base yield is already good: it provides the precious 20xFood5 Food, a very rare resource in desert areas, and it is the only terrain feature which yields 20xGold5 Gold after Brave New World! This makes oases very valuable in the early and middle game - try to include them in your borders ASAP.

Civilopedia entryEdit

An oasis is an especially lush and verdant area within a desert, usually because it sits atop a source of clean and plentiful water. Oases are extremely valuable resources in an otherwise barren and lifeless desert, and countless battles have been fought between desperate desert tribesmen to possess them.

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