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Ocean is a base terrain in Civilization VI. It comprises all water tiles which are outside the shelf area, farther from land.

  • Base yields:
  • Impassable for sea travel before discovering Cartography


Ocean tiles, unlike Coast tiles, provide nothing for a city except Shipwreck Shipwrecks. Fortunately (since you cannot found a city in the water, like in the Rising Tide expansion for Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth), you usually won't need to worry about that, because you will have few or no Ocean tiles close enough for a city to work.

For all naval and embarked units, Oceans are impassible until the Cartography technology is researched (or for Norway, the Shipbuilding tech, and for the Māori, no tech). Thus, they present an insurmountable obstacle to early game exploration, and it is usual for different continents to remain separate (without contact with each other) until someone researches the necessary tech to sail in ocean. However, there is one other way to brave the open ocean: recruiting and retiring Leif Erikson, a Medieval Era Great Admiral, allows you to cross Oceans.

With Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, Seasteads can be constructed to improve these tiles.

Ocean names[]

Gathering Storm introduced a new mechanic in which Oceans can have different names. Below is the list of the names:

Ocean Notes
Antarctic Ocean
Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Iapetus Ocean Primordial ocean that used to exist between 600 million to 400 million years ago.
Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Panthalassic Ocean Primordial superocean that surrounded Pangaea.
Rheic Ocean Primordial ocean that existed 540 million years ago.
Tethys Ocean Primordial ocean that existed to the east of Pangaea.

Sea names[]

Gathering Storm introduced a new mechanic in which Seas and Bays can have different names based on the first civilization that finds them. Below is the list of the names and civilization of origin:

Sea Civilization Notes
Abu Qir Bay Egypt
Adriatic Sea Hungary, Rome
Aegean Sea Byzantium, Greece, Macedon, Ottomans
Ago Bay Japan
Alauquén Mapuche
Alboran Sea Phoenicia, Spain
All Saints' Bay Brazil
Amatique Bay Maya
Andaman Sea India, Indonesia, Khmer
Arabian Sea Arabia, India
Arafura Sea Australia, Indonesia
Baffin Bay Canada
Baía de São José Brazil
Baía de São Marcos Brazil
Baie de la Seine France
Baie de Somme France
Baltic Sea Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden
Banda Sea Indonesia
Bay of Angra Portugal
Bay of Arauco Mapuche
Bay of Arguin Mali
Bay of Beirut Phoenicia
Bay of Bengal India
Bay of Biscay France, Gaul, Spain
Bay of Campeche Aztec, Maya
Bay of Concepción Mapuche
Bay of Fundy America, Canada
Bay of Gibraltar Spain
Bay of Kompong Som Khmer
Bay of Mecklenburg Germany
Bay of Pomerania Poland
Bay of Refugo Portugal
Bay of Santander Spain
Beaufort Sea America, Canada
Bering Sea America, Russia
Bismarck Sea
Black Sea Byzantium, Georgia, Ottomans, Persia, Russia, Scythia
Botany Bay Australia
Bo Hai China, Korea
Bracklesham Bay England
Bridgwater Bay England
Bristol Channel England
Busan Bay Korea
Caribbean Sea Gran Colombia, Maya
Caspian Sea Mongolia, Persia, Russia, Scythia
Caulín Bay Mapuche
Celebes Sea Indonesia
Celtic Sea England, France
Ceram Sea Indonesia
Chesapeake Bay America
Chukchi Sea America, Russia
Coral Sea Australia
Dollart Germany, Netherlands
East China Sea China, Japan, Mongolia
East Siberian Sea Russia
Edsviken Sweden
English Channel England, France, Gaul
Firth of Clyde Scotland
Firth of Forth Scotland
Flensburg Firth Germany
Flores Sea Indonesia
Foul Bay Egypt, Nubia
Frobisher Bay Canada
Funchal Bay Portugal
Gdańsk Bay Poland
Genkai Sea Japan
Georgian Bay Canada
German Bight Germany, Netherlands
Great Australian Bight Australia
Greenland Sea Norway
Guanabara Bay Brazil
Gulf of Aden Arabia
Gulf of Alaska America
Gulf of Aqaba Arabia, Egypt
Gulf of Bothnia Sweden
Gulf of Cádiz Portugal, Spain
Gulf of California
Gulf of Carpentaria Australia
Gulf of Corinth Greece
Gulf of Darién Gran Colombia
Gulf of Finland Russia
Gulf of Gabès Phoenicia
Gulf of Guayaquil Inca, Gran Colombia
Gulf of Guinea Kongo
Gulf of Hammamet Phoenicia
Gulf of Honduras Maya
Gulf of Izmir Byzantium, Ottomans
Gulf of Lion France
Gulf of Mannar India
Gulf of Mexico America, Aztec
Gulf of Morbihan France
Gulf of Oman Arabia, Persia
Gulf of Panama Gran Colombia
Gulf of Papua
Gulf of Paria Gran Colombia
Gulf of Roses Spain
Gulf of Saint Lawrence America, Canada
Gulf of Suez Egypt
Gulf of Tehuantepec Aztec
Gulf of Thailand Khmer, Vietnam
Gulf of Tonkin China, Vietnam
Gulf of Toroneos Macedon
Gulf of Tunis Phoenicia
Gulf of Valencia Spain
Gulf of Venezuela Gran Colombia
Gwangpo Bay Korea
Hann Bay Mali
Hanöbukten Sweden
Hardangerfjorden Norway
Heligoland Bight Germany
Hudson Bay Canada, Cree
Ionian Sea Greece, Rome
Irish Sea England, Scotland
Jade Bight Germany
Jawa Sea Indonesia
Jervis Bay Australia
Joseph Bonaparte Gulf Australia
Kanholmsfjärden Sweden
Kara Sea Russia
Korea Bay Korea
Kosi Bay Zulu
Labrador Sea Canada
Lake Maracaibo Gran Colombia
Lakshadweep Sea India
Laptev Sea Russia
Levantine Sea Byzantium, Ottomans, Phoenicia
Libyan Sea Phoenicia
Ligurian Sea France, Rome
Lincoln Sea Canada
Massachusetts Bay America
Mediterranean Sea Arabia, Byzantium, Egypt, France, Gaul, Greece, Macedon, Ottomans, Phoenicia, Rome, Spain
Molucca Sea Indonesia
Mont-Saint-Michel Bay France
Moray Firth Scotland
Morecambe Bay England
Mozambique Channel
Mutsu Bay Japan
Nordfriesisches Wattenmeer Germany
North Sea England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Sweden
Norwegian Sea Norway
Paracas Bay Inca
Persian Gulf Arabia, Babylon, Persia, Sumer
Philippine Sea Indonesia, Japan
Pitsunda Bay Georgia
Puñihuil Mapuche
Red Sea Arabia, Egypt, Nubia
Sagami Bay Japan
Saltsjön Sweden
Sangareya Bay Mali
San Francisco Bay America
Sargasso Sea
Saronic Gulf Greece
Scotia Sea
Sea of Azov Scythia
Sea of Crete Greece
Sea of Hyūga Japan
Sea of Japan Japan, Korea, Russia
Sea of Marmara Byzantium, Ottomans
Sea of Okhotsk Japan, Russia
Sea of the Hebrides Scotland
Seto Sea Japan
Setúbal Bay Portugal
Singitic Gulf Macedon
Sodwana Bay Zulu
Sognefjorden Norway
Solomon Sea
Solway Firth England, Scotland
South China Sea China, Indonesia, Vietnam
Storfjorden Norway
Strymonian Gulf Macedon
Sukhumi Bay Georgia
Sulu Sea
Tasman Sea Australia
Te Ara a Kiwa Māori
Te Matau-a-Māui Māori
Te Moana-a-Toi Māori
Te Moana-o-Raukawa Māori
Te Tai-o-Aorere Māori
Te Tai-o-Rehua Māori
Te Whanganui-a-Tara Māori
Términos Lagoon Maya
Thermaic Gulf Macedon
The Minch Scotland
The Wash England
Thracian Sea Macedon
Tīkapa Moana Māori
Timor Sea Australia, Indonesia
Trondheimsfjorden Norway
Tyrrhenian Sea Rome
Umzinto Bay Zulu
Vestfjorden Norway
Wadden Sea Germany, Netherlands
Waitematā Māori
White Sea Russia
Wînipekw Canada, Cree
Yatsushiro Sea Japan
Yellow Sea China, Korea, Mongolia
Yof Bay Mali
Zuiderzee Netherlands

Civilopedia entry[]

The deep waters of the oceans scared mankind for much of history, braved only by the likes of the Polynesians and Vikings. It took advanced sailing technology to brave these waters - and today, we fly across oceans in a matter of hours.


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