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The Offshore Wind Farm is a standard tile improvement in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It is used to supply Power to the city from water tiles. It must be built on a Coast or Lake tile.

Strategy Edit

The Offshore Wind Farm is a very helpful tile improvement as it allows you to make use of water tiles that otherwise would have been unable to be improved. As a bonus, it frees up other land tiles that you may have needed to use for Solar Farms or onshore Wind Farms to construct other improvements instead (which can't go into the water), such as Farms (the Civ6Food Food-producing type) and District (Civ6) Districts.

This improvement is available around the same time as the Seastead, which provides Housing6 Housing, Civ6Production Production, Civ6Food Food, and Civ6Culture Culture. Because of this, you should only build just enough Offshore Wind Farms to supply Power (Civ6) Power to the city and prioritize Seasteads on other water tiles due to the Seasteads' superiority in terms of yields.

City Governor Reyna's Renewable Subsidizer title can boost the yield from this improvement by +2 Power (Civ6) Power and +2 Civ6Gold Gold.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Everybody knows the feeling of a crisp ocean breeze, and today we are able to harness that breeze for more than just a refreshing breath of fresh air. Offshore winds blowing over shallow waters are ideal placement spots for wind farms, although this application is quite new. It wasn't until 1991 that the first offshore wind energy project came to fruition in Denmark, but the technology has since spread throughout the world.

Similar to onshore wind farms, these wind turbines are turned by winds and generate technology. But unlike the wind farms found across rolling hills, offshore farms require foundations that will weather whatever the ocean brings with it - rolling waves, salt water, or even a hurricane. Though engineers continue to work to improve the technology, we are currently limited by the depth of water into which these turbines can be installed. Even so, offshore wind farms are already improving the lives of coastal communities that may have limited access to other forms of power production.

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