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"No, my friends, we have not fallen back upon the earth; no, nor are we submerged in the Gulf of Mexico. Yes! we are mounting into space. See those stars shining in the night, and that impenetrable darkness heaped up between the earth and us!"
–Jules Verne
"After eleven Days Passage in this violent Flight, I perceived we began to approach another Earth (if I may so call it) being the Globe or very Body of that Star which we call the Moon."
–Francis Godwin

Offworld Mission is a Future Era technology in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

Strategy Edit

The two projects Offworld Mission unlocks, Terrestrial Laser Station and Lagrange Laser Station, are projects meant to speed up a civ's progression to the Science Victory. It may prove useful to if possible have the Exodus Imperative Civic already enabled upon or just before the discovery of this tech, along with one of that civics' associated policy wildcards, Aerospace Contractors.

The International Space Station can possibly give an additional boost to the projects enabled by this tech, as well as to your Space Race projects in general.

Civilopedia entry Edit

If human beings are to settle away from planet Earth, it will be necessary to develop competencies for life isolated from the main planet—simple matters like “growing food” and “finding enough water” and “not having to run home for spare parts.” Approaches for sustained life away from Earth are still in the theoretical stages in the early Twenty-First Century. It is hoped that as human beings develop the ability to live away from our home planet, those learnings will also be passed back to those of us living on Earth, in order to help us make better use of the resources we possess and safeguard them for future generations.

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