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Oil Oil is a Modern Era Strategic Resource in Civilization VI. It is revealed with Steel (Refining in Gathering Storm).

Oil Oil is found mostly on the Coast, and more rarely on a variety of remote flat terrain. John Rockefeller's activated ability also provides Oil Oil: 1 in vanilla Civilization VI and Rise and Fall, or 3 per turn in Gathering Storm.


Oil Oil is the only Strategic Resource found both on land and in the sea. (In fact, it may be found more often in the sea than on land!) The two different sources require different improvements: an Oil Well for ground sources, and an Offshore Oil Rig for sea sources.

Given its large Production Production bonus, increased even more when improved, Oil Oil is a major boon for your cities' production, especially for cities on the coast. Unfortunately, Oil Oil is also one of the rarest resources, especially when you consider that its appearance on land is very rare, and on terrain normally not suitable for settlement (such as Desert or Snow).

Civilopedia entry[]

Oil greases the wheels of modern civilization, so to speak. For centuries before the coming of the internal combustion engine, oil was used for fire, lubrication, and to make asphalt. In 347 AD, oil was being produced from bamboo-drilled wells in China. But it wasn’t until 1847 when James Young discovered a method for distilling kerosene from oil that oil drilling became a booming industry. A boom only fueled by the discovery of the methods to refine gasoline from crude oil.

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