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The Oil Power Plant is an advanced production building in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It is the second power-producing building in the game; it is built in the Industrial Zone district and requires a Factory (or one of its replacements).

  • Effects:


The Oil Power Plant converts Oil Oil into Power Power just as efficiently as its predecessor processes Coal Coal, but emits less CO2 and therefore makes less of a contribution to climate change. If you have access to Oil Oil and are concerned about your civilization's carbon footprint, upgrade your Coal Power Plants as soon as possible after researching Electricity.

However, you have to keep in mind that almost all land and sea units in the Atomic and Information Era consume Oil Oil! This means that they will draw from the same stockpile as the Oil Power Plant and you may run into problems trying to maintain enough supply to serve both ends.

Civilopedia entry[]

Petroleum refining technologies improved at the start of the twentieth century, making gasoline, kerosene, and the lower-grade fuel oil available to consumers. Like coal, oil burns hotter than wood, and thus can create steam more efficiently—but even burning oil is an inefficient way to turn the potential energy of oil molecules into electricity. Like coal, burning oil creates hazardous particulate waste in the smoke and releases CO2 into the atmosphere.

Oil used in power plants and industrial turbines is not as heavily refined as the petroleum that powers most internal combustion engines, but it still must be refined from the world's reserves of crude petroleum, which represent a limited and diminishing resource in the early twenty-first century.

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