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Not to be confused with the building Old Earth Relic (CivBE)

Old Earth Relics are part of the new artifact system in Rising Tide. Earth relics are payloads sent to the planet a long time ago and can be found in human settlements scattered throughout the map.

List of Old Earth RelicsEdit

Artifact name Preferred reward 20xCultureBE 20xProductionBE 20xScienceBE
Suspended Animation Chamber artifact (Rising Tide) Suspended Animation Chamber Warp Spire 20%20xCultureBE 80%20xScienceBE
A cryogenic containment device used to transport colonists aboard Seedships. Chambers like these would keep their human cargo in a state of perpetual slumber, administering the medication needed to prolong their lives. Referred to as "ice boxes" by their users, some chambers were even adjustable, to accommodate colonists of specific shapes and sizes.
Señor Caffeine artifact (Rising Tide) Señor Caffeine™ Drone Command 20%20xCultureBE 80%20xProductionBE
An early 22nd century coffee maker. According to some accounts, machines like this one were once used in daily religious rituals throughout the world. The truth of the matter may never be discovered, despite the relic's intact state.
Personal Meditation Helmet artifact (Rising Tide) Personal Meditation Helmet Old Voice Archives 80%20xCultureBE 20%20xProductionBE
Comfortable headgear that completely eliminates external stimuli. First developed for the sensory deprivation training used in astronaut programs, these helmets eventually became popular meditation aids in overcrowded urban areas of Earth.
Volumetric Component Printer artifact (Rising Tide) Volumetric Component Printer Pan-Spectral Observatory 80%20xProductionBE 20%20xScienceBE
A massive 3D printing device, used to manufacture Seedship parts. At the time of its production, the V.C.P. was the largest fabrication device the world had ever seen. Capable of printing enormous structures, These devices were responsible for printing the main body of many nations' Seedships
MedalMark Media Cube artifact (Rising Tide) MedalMark Media Cube
Toymark Media Cube
Old Voice Archives 100%20xCultureBE
Old Earth toy that changes its appearance by projecting imagery onto its 6 sides. This toy derived from physical puzzles of the 20th century and was popular with both children and adults.
Hull Repair Suit artifact (Rising Tide) Hull Repair Suit Frontier Stadium 100%20xProductionBE
A utility spacesuit used during Seedship repairs. These standard issue suits were found aboard most Seedships, and were engineered to withstand the vacuum of space. Well-tested in extreme conditions, it is the most thoroughly insulated space suit ever created. Despite its bulk, it allows for a surprisingly wide range of motion.
Collapsing Family Library artifact (Rising Tide) Collapsing Family Library Xenomass Bath House 80%20xCultureBE 20%20xScienceBE
A collapsible structure used for private study. Built to fit inside increasingly small homes on Earth, the Collapsing Family Library was hailed as the 22nd century education innovation. It was an affordable and reliable alternative for families unable to afford a permanent space for their children to learn. As space became even more scarce, schools adopted the use of these collapsing libraries as well.
Strings of Cremona artifact (Rising Tide) Strings of Cremona
Messiah Stradivarius
Old Voice Archives 100%20xCultureBE
A musical instrument of exceptional quality. This priceless antique is considered one of the finest accomplishments of human craftsmanship. Besides its superior design, acoustic experts have yet to determine what it is that gives the instrument its unique tonal characteristics.
Jowler Ball Field Set artifact (Rising Tide) Jowler Ball Field Set Frontier Stadium 100%20xCultureBE
A basic set of equipment for the forgotten Earth sport, "Jowler Ball". This game was invented when rising sea levels forced low-lying islands to rethink both the use of space as well as the dependency on dry land. Incorporating elements of Rugby and Cricket, the sport was considered a niche pastime until global climate change impacted larger urban areas.
Speech Compression Computer artifact (Rising Tide) Speech-Compression Computer Xenomass Bath House 80%20xProductionBE 20%20xScienceBE
A speech-to-data processor. The Speech Compression Computer was developed in order to help multi-national teams work together on large projects. The remarkable software converts all forms of human speech into highly efficient binary data, which is then used as a universal language among workers. This iteration was developed to facilitate communication between teams building the massive Seedships.
Near-Lightspeed Accelerator artifact (Rising Tide) Near-Lightspeed Accelerator Warp Spire 100%20xScienceBE
A laser-based propulsion technology. These particle accelerators were a failed attempt at developing an incredibly fast means of powering spacecraft. The significant venture, backed by multiple investors, failed to achieve a viable solution in time for Seedship travel.
Progeny 2 Interactive Family Tree artifact (Rising Tide) Progeny 2 Interactive Family Tree
Lineage Two Interactive Family Tree
Frontier Stadium 80%20xCultureBE 20%20xProductionBE
Stare into this mirror, and your ancestors will stare back!  This interactive family tree was once a must-have on Earth. Families, schools, and libraries would feature Progeny brand tablets through which users could research their own family line.
Thoughtful Chess Set artifact (Rising Tide) Thoughtful Chess Set Frontier Stadium 100%20xCultureBE
A network connected, motorized chess set. Pieces on this modernized board would synchronize their movements with a competitor's board from miles away. Move a piece, and your opponent will witness the same change. The Thoughtful Chess Set incorporated all of the joys of the tactile game, with the ease-of-use and portability of the digital versions.
Drone Hive Mind artifact (Rising Tide) Drone Hive Mind Drone Command 80%20xProductionBE 20%20xScienceBE
A drone control center. The Drone Hive Mind was invaluable during the construction of the Seedships, as fleets of small drones were constantly employed to alleviate manual labor. It allowed human workers to focus on more delicate, non-standard tasks.
Polypeptor Organic Antifreeze artifact (Rising Tide) Polypeptor Organic Antifreeze Warp Spire 100%20xScienceBE
Small containers of medication used during cryogenic freezing. Polypeptor was the leading anti-cryocold medication administered to colonists aboard the Seedships. Part antibiotic and part vaccine, the experimental chemical compound was thoroughly tested before being injected into human trial subjects. Although the first subjects developed a strange coloration and a susceptibility to substance addictions, later versions of the product fixed the side-effects, for the most part.
Clean Air Generator artifact (Rising Tide) Clean Air Generator Drone Command 100%20xProductionBE
A large structure used to generate breathable air. Generators such as this one became commonplace on Earth, as the air became too polluted to filter. Rather than trying to create more powerful filtering technology, civil engineers installed these generators along major thoroughfares and public buildings. People could purchase one for their homes, although the cost to run one was prohibitively expensive.
Butuiller Co. Family Drone artifact (Rising Tide) Butuiller Co. Family Drone Drone Command 80%20xCultureBE 20%20xProductionBE
A small, autonomous robot. The Butuiller Co. Family Drone was built to replace the void one filled by domesticated animal companions. The drone was capable of fulfilling household duties, such as fetching items, cleaning floors, and of guarding the home using its optical processing "brain".
Population Estimation Computer artifact (Rising Tide) Population Estimation Computer Xenomass Bath House 20%20xCultureBE 80%20xScienceBE
An urban population monitoring device. These computers were installed in high population regions of Earth, to monitor and more accurately report census data. The population peak of the 21st century left governments scrambling to more accurately understand their society's needs. These computers were deployed to record energy usage, as well as overall activity within a society. Eventually used for tax purposes, these machines were widely despised.
High-Mass Friction Welder artifact (Rising Tide) High Mass Friction Welder Warp Spire 100%20xProductionBE
Construction equipment used to bond large sheets of metal without temperature manipulation. Friction welders such as this were used in the construction of the Seedships, as an energy efficient way to ensure structural stability. The device was notoriously dangerous, and after several reported injuries, this equipment was operated solely by specialized technicians.
Phantom Medical Remote Operating Theatre artifact (Rising Tide) Phantom Medical Remote Operating Theatre
Telemed Remote Operating Theatre
Xenomass Bath House 20%20xCultureBE 80%20xProductionBE
A medical interface for use in remote surgical procedures. This revolutionary medical tool allowed individual surgeons to service large populations on Earth, after overcrowding put strains on the world's local medical industries. The Phantom Medical Remote Operating Theatre is credited with aiding in the treatment of millions.
Plasma Turbine Engine artifact (Rising Tide) Plasma Turbine Engine Pan-Spectral Observatory 20%20xProductionBE 80%20xScienceBE
An advance propulsion technology developed on Earth. Although a few governments adopted plasma turbines for use in their spacecraft, the inefficiency and dangerous nature of the technology keep it out of reach for all but the wealthiest nations.
Silver-Pont Navigational Gyroscope artifact (Rising Tide) Silver-Pont Navigational Gyroscope Pan-Spectral Observatory 100%20xScienceBE
A navigation instrument used to locate a spacecraft's position relative to Earth. With the advent of extraplanetary space ventures, the demand for instrumentation used to locate Earth became increasingly important to astronauts and cosmonauts. This invention from the Silver-Pont Company allowed space travelers to rest a bit easier, knowing Earth was 90% guaranteed to be in 'that' direction.
Impossible Drive artifact (Rising Tide) Impossible Drive Pan-Spectral Observatory 100%20xScienceBE
A little-understood Earth technology, which seemingly creates thrust from electricity alone. This experimental technology was chosen by a handful of nations to power their spacecraft.
Isotopic Decay 3 artifact (Rising Tide) Isotopic Decay Three Old Voice Archives 100%20xCultureBE
A once-highly anticipated video game. Hailed as the greatest creative work in the history of civilization, this game employed one tenth of the Earth's population at the peak of its development. Upon its global release, the economies of Earth, the EISS, and Lunar Base 1 saw drastic downturns as productivity fell to an all-time low.

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