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The Open-Air Museum is a unique tile improvement of the Swedish civilization in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It may be built on any passable land tile.


The +2 Civ6Culture Culture and +2 Tourism6 Tourism bonus per terrain type is substantial, making it worthwhile to spread out a bit to found cities on the various terrain types. This improvement does not count terrains and their Hills separately, so settling, for example, on both Snow and Snow Hills does not give you more Civ6Culture Culture. In other words, the maximum yield you can get is 10 Civ6Culture Culture per Open-Air Museum.

Note that you do not need to unlock Flight for the Tourism6 Tourism bonus to kick in, unlike every other Civ6Culture Culture-generating improvement. Also, despite the tooltips saying that this improvement only takes into account cities "founded" by Sweden, it actually counts captured cities as well. Therefore, if you've managed to conquer some cities that were founded on certain types of terrain, you won't need to settle new cities there to get the maximum yield out of your Open-Air Museums.

Civilopedia entryEdit

There are a lot of things which are worth preserving and studying for future generations, but not all of them fit nicely into glass cases or hang well on the walls. You might want to preserve something as complex as a village or a farm to show how it would have worked as a system, or to show a way of life no longer widely practiced. It was in this spirit that the open air museum was created.

The first open air museum was King Oscar II's collection outside of Oslo, Norway, which includes a traditional Norwegian Stave Church (see the Stave Church entry for more information). The Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden, was founded in 1891 to preserve the declining traditions of Swedish rural life in the face of growing urbanization and industrialization. The term “skansen” has entered the lexicon as a shorthand for open air museums, especially those that focus on collecting historical structures.

Open air museums celebrate culture beyond that typically preserved in museums—honoring the culture of ordinary people, not merely the great and grand. A folk song or blacksmith's craft taught to a future generation surely serves to link a people to their past as surely as an operatic aria or an allegorical oil painting. Perhaps even more so.


Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Smörgsbord (Civ6)
As Kristina, at the start of a turn have cities in five different terrain types (Snow, Tundra, Desert, Plains and Grassland) and have Open Air Museums in all of them
A smörgåsbord is similar to a buffet, but offers a wider variety of hot and cold meats, salads, hors d'oeuvres, and more. The achievement's name is misspelled in Swedish.
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