Orbital Fabricator
Orbital Fabricator
Orbital Unit in Beyond Earth
Required 2 Petroleum Petroleum
1 Titanium Titanium
Geoscaping Geoscaping
Orbital Zone Radius 1
Sight Range 1
Orbital Lifespan 60

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Game info[edit | edit source]

  • Advanced utility satellite. Requires Geoscaping technology, 2 Petroleum Petroleum and 1 Titanium Titanium.
  • Boosts Production Production on tiles in range. Creates Strategic resources on empty tiles in range.
  • Lifespan: 60 turns.
  • Range: 1 tile

Orbital fabricator.png

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Orbital Fabricator is a marvel of space engineering, a production platform based in space which uses fully automated manufacturing lines and ships products to the ground below. Not only that, but its phasing rays create seismic waves in the ground below and are capable of revealing new Strategic resources there!

Use this satellite to improve vastly production in your cities. Make sure to deploy it above terrain which doesn't have many useful resources in order to use its power to create Strategic resources!

Orbital Fabricators only produce resources on unimproved tiles. Farms and mines and other resources count as improvements, however roads, mag rails, units, forests and miasma do not.

If you have the production available is often more profitable to deorbit and replace your Orbital Fabricator immediately after its first resource is created. This leads to more resources created over time.

Extended orbital unit bonuses such as the Slav's passive (20% extra orbital time) and the Superior Engineering Industry virtue do not affect the number of resources generated or the rate at which they are generated by the Orbital Fabricator. Even with the bonuses, the satellite will only make 1-2 resources within its first 60 turns of existence. After 60 turns it will not create any resources. This makes those bonuses useless when you're trying to maximize the number of resources generated.

Civilopedia entry

The Orbital Fabricator is a cross between the Solar Collector and Weather Controller. It utilizes both solar energy and electro-magnetic charges to create highly localized points of planetary pressure. This pressure increases the strength of certain resources, providing its colony with a Production to all owned tiles. Similar to the Weather Controller, this process has the added benefit of occasionally causing a permanent change to unimproved areas, allowing them to spawn Strategic Resources.

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