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Order is a social policy tree in Civilization V. It is available at the start of the Industrial Era and cannot be active at the same time as Autocracy or Freedom in vanilla and Gods & Kings.

In Brave New World it got converted from a social policy tree to an Ideology.

Game Info[]

Vanilla and Gods & Kings[]

Order is best for large, sprawling empires, increasing the strength of the empire based on the number of Cities it contains.

Adopting Order increases 20xHappiness5.png Happiness by +1 per city.

Adopting all Policies in the Order tree will grant +1 (+2 in GodsKings5 clear.png) Food Food, Production Production, Science Science, Gold Gold and Culture Culture per city. May purchase Great Engineers with Faith Faith (GodsKings5 clear.png only).

Policy Effect Requirement
United Front United Front Militaristic city states grant units twice as often when you are at war with a common foe. Adopting Order
Planned Economy Planned Economy Factories increase a city's Science Science output by 25%.
Build Factories in half the usual time (GodsKings5 clear.png only).
Adopting Order
Nationalism Nationalism 15% attack bonus when fighting in friendly territory. Adopting Order
Socialism Socialism Gold Gold maintenance costs of Buildings reduced by 15%. Planned Economy
Communism Communism +2 Production Production per City and: Socialism

Brave New World[]

Main article: Ideology_(Civ5)#Order


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Civilopedia entry[]

The policy of order values stability above all else. Order is what people most crave - that tomorrow will be the same as today - and that society won't come crashing down on their heads, leaving them prey to the barbarians waiting in the wilderness. Chaos is the most terrible affliction that mankind can suffer, and all so-called "freedoms" are subservient to the necessity to protect against it.

Related achievements

With an Iron Fist
With an Iron Fist
Fully Explore the Order Policy Track.
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