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The Ordu is a unique building of the Mongolian civilization in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It is built in the Encampment district and replaces the Stable.

  • Effects:
  • Restrictions:
    • Cannot be built in an Encampment district that already has a Barracks.


The Ordu is indispensable for helping Mongolia raise a strong and dominant cavalry force. All light and heavy cavalry units trained in a city with an Ordu receive extra XP and Civ6Movement Movement, allowing them to reach the front lines of the battlefield quickly and earn promotions that will make them deadlier with each skirmish. Mongolia's unique unit, the Keshig, also gains an extra Civ6Movement Movement from this building despite being categorized as a ranged cavalry unit.

While the Stable provides a hidden 25% experience bonus to all siege units, the Ordu does not.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Simply translated, “ordu” means “palace tent.” However, an ordu was something much more than just a simple tent—it was the center of the tribe for the nomadic Mongolians.

An ordu served as the headquarters and main encampment for the Khan and his warriors. Though built for travel, it had style, from simple decorations to carefully sewn patterns. The ordu moved with the Khan and his warriors as they went on campaign, ensuring they always felt at home no matter where they traveled.


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